Michelangelo Pistoletto, Lavoro - rotoli di passacavi, 2008-2011

Silkscreen on polished super mirror, stainless steel

150.1 x 150.1 cm

Simon Lee Gallery

Norbert Bisky, Antropofagia II, 2013

Oil on canvas

200 x 150 cm

Galerie Crone

Melvin Martinez, All Inclusive!, 2013

Mixed media on canvas and wood

188 x 152.4 cm

David Castillo Gallery

Clive Van Den BergOccular Ghost, 2013

Oil on canvas

200 × 150 cm

Goodman Gallery

Mel BochnerGoing Out of Business, 2014

Monoprint with collage, engraving and embossment on hand-dyed Twinrocker handmade paper

236.2 x 177.2 cm

Two Palms

Jayson Musson, Fainted When the Site Mentioned Me, 2012

Mercerized cotton stretched over cotton

213.4 x 152.4 cm